Q. What is a Doula?
A. The Greek word Doula means Woman Care Giver. A trained and experienced Labor Companion who provides the woman and her partner continous emotional support, physical comfort, and assitance in  obtaining information before, during, and just after childbirth.
Q. What is HypnoBirthing?
A. HypnoBirthing is a Philosophy, and a educational Program the basic tenent is that childbirth is a normal, natural, and healthy human experience for the vast majority of Women.
Q. Is a Doula the same thing as a Midwife?
A. No! Anyone practicing as a doula performs no clinical tasks, nor does she give clinical advice, Doulas do NOT perform Vaginal exams, nor fetal heart checks, blood pressure assessments, or any other Antepartum clinical tasks or Postpartum clinical care. No Clinical Assessments whatsoever. A Midwife however, is a medical care provider.
Q.How can HypnoBirthing benefit me?
 A. The HypnoBirthing Philosophy will help you learn to embrace your body's instinctual knowledge by relaxing and trusting in your body's ability to give birth easily and confidently.
Q. I have heard of mothers ingesting their own placenta: What are the benefits for moms and babies? 
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